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Easter 2005 The whole family made it up to Loweswater again this Easter

The cottage, and a tent in the garden, were prepared ready for their arrival.

This weekend was only a few days away from April 9th,

and was therefore a good time to have an early celebration of Jenna's 21st birthday !

Bring out the Cake and candles . . . .

Dinner time with a group of thirteen meant two tables . . .

the boys gather round the big table in the kitchen.

The grown ups therefore had to resort to the sitting room

for our grand Indian feast on the Saturday night.

Thomas entertains Jenna,

and Paula gets a little practice in for later in the year ?

" Boys will be boys "

Matthew reads but Sam and Thomas certainly weren't ready to sit quietly when there's balloons about.

Easter Sunday and time for an Easter Egg Hunt

Thomas and Sam already comparing their " finds ".

Matthew reaching up to the bird table hideaway,

Sam was a bit slow - his chocolate rabbit had already been found by our resident bank vole.

" The Bounty "

Matthew, Thomas, Sam and Jack display their winnings.

The whole family - The big picture.

Ann, Jenna, Al, Richard, Gareth and Roger.

Sam, Cathy with Alexander, Paula with Thomas, Jack and Matthew.

Cathy with Alexander prepares for a walk to see Dick and Ina at Oak Bank Farm
Matthew and Sam (and Jack somewhere) return from Oak Bank with a large supply of logs for the fire.


We also managed a walk up Hen Comb with Cathy and Richard

Harry has a preparatory swim in the pool at Mosedale.

Grey skies but dry as we climb the ridge.

Lorton Valley in the background.

Summit reached

and Alexander's first Wainwright peak.

A hazy view of Buttermere and Fleetwith Pike

from the summit of Hen Comb.

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See also the photos of the walk up Dale Head and the Quarries with Richard and the boys

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