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Date : Thursday 24th March 2005. (Easter)

Occasion : A shorter local walk to Mosedale and Crummock Water, Cumbria, Uk. with some of the family.

Walk details : 3 miles . . but no great rush.

Weather : High cloud but sufficient gaps to give sunshine. A slight breeze to kept the temperature down.

Photo: The Kirkstile Inn, Loweswater

The Buttermere Valley from Loweswater - The sheep are a week off lambing here.

Clear air gave a fine view all the way up to Great Gable.

( l to r : Slopes of Grasmoor, Whiteless, Robinson, Rannerdale, Green and Great Gable, Haystacks, High Stile, and Melbreak )

The pool at the crossing of Mosedale Beck

The stepping stones, poor though they are, give access to the path up Hen Comb (Centre)

Playing "hide-and seek" from Mum !

We doubled back here, behind the forestry, and over towards Crummock.

Harry and Bethan enjoying the open fell below the northern end of Melbreak

Here the Larch is bursting into colour all of a sudden.

The January Gales caused havoc and the deciduous woods here have taken a hammering.

The path has been blocked and despite the obvious efforts of the owners, the path is still obstructed, forcing a detour.

A whole swathe of wonderful old Oaks have just been blown down like matchwood.

They will be like this for some time I feel.

Darling Fell and Low Fell behind as we walk over to the lake.


Rannerdale Farm stands out in white in the sunshine.

which contrasts beautifully with the shadows on the fells around.

A panorama of Crummock from the turn of the wall,

where we drop down to the lake.

A slight breeze takes away the chance of any reflections

but it is still nice enough to just sit and look while the dogs (and children) play.

Harry swimming after sticks and skimmed stones.

The Cocker outflow from Loweswater Lake into Crummock with Grasmoor behind.


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