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Time : Wed 5th May 2004 afternoon.

Place : Rannerdale, Cumbria.

Occasion : In search of the bluebells.

Walk details : A short walk to stretch the legs, and hopefully tire the puppy out.

Weather : Sunny periods and a warm breeze.



Rannerdale Valley is an offshoot of the Buttermere Valley and climbs around the left side of Rannerdale Knotts leaving the main valley to be filled by Crummock Water and letting the road follow round Hawes Point on its narrow terrace.

Rannerdale is famed for its bluebells which seem to thrive in this isolated enclave, obviously enjoying the microclimate created in the shelter of the adjacent high ground.

Some say that the bluebells thrive due to the soil and climate of a long forgotten forest .

Others say they grow well due to the blood and bones of the Norman army who tried to invade the valley in the time of Jarl Buthar. That army was defeated with heavy loss of life and Buttermere (Buthar's Mere) Valley remained the only area of England not conquered by the Normans after the battle of 1066.

Who knows . . . . I'll let you decide.


Melbreak across Crummock Water

and the start of the Bluebells.

Rannerdale has more modern history too, as here, where the remains of a kiln or "bloomery" shows evidence of industrial activity. Bracken was burnt to create potash which was then combined with lanolin from sheep's wool to produce a crude soap for cleaning.

A Blue Belle !!!

Whiteless Pike from Rannerdale

The blue has yet to achieve full splendour but even now is contrasting beautifully with the yellow gorse.


Harry, our young retriever pup, enjoying the walk but not quite sure of her precarious position mid stream.


The bridge over Squat Beck.

The valley is named after the Rannerdale Beck but that soon turns left and has its source high on Grasmoor, leaving Squat Beck to drain the fells and slopes behing Rannerdale Knotts itself.


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