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Date : Monday 4th April 2005.

Occasion : A walk in the Far Eastern Fells of Cumbria with Ann and the dogs.

Walk details : 5.4 miles 1850 ft of ascent to the summits of Brock Crags and Angle Tarn Pikes and back to Patterdale.

Weather : Sunny to start, we suffered later from the cloud formed by Helvellyn. On the tops the south westerly breeze was cold enough to be classed as a " biting wind". Quite a surprise after recent spring-like weather.

Photo : The White Lion, Patterdale.

( The walk started adjacent to the above and ended in it.)

A bouquet for the weathermen who actually succeeded in forecasting the correct weather yesterday. It rained overnight, dull in the morning but sunny intervals in the late afternoon so we decided to pack sandwiches and walking gear to walk on the eastern side of the lakes for a change.

At three o'clock we parked at Patterdale, then set of
to ascend Boredale Hause.

On the way up we passed an ordinary looking iron park-bench sort of seat and thought little of it till I read the date.

1897 made the seat over a hundred years old. It's certainly been lovingly maintained.


Breaks on the overcast sky allows sunshine to fall on Glenridding and the steamer jetty.

Sheffield Pike and Glenridding Dodd are the fells behind.

Heavier cloud was forming over the high peaks as we reached the hause.

In the foreground is the old sheep fold, with Arnison Crag, Birks and St Sunday Crag in the distance.

The large patch of sunshine now extended behind Place Fell, highlighting Hallin Fell.


At this point the sun shone on us and we were enjoying the Spring weather.

The tarn was inky blue, and we left the path and made our way down to the crags at the right hand side of the tarn

Click here or on the picture for a larger and more detailed image.


Dramatic lichen growing on the rocks sheltered by the crags

and a fine winter silhouette of the tree above.

From the high ground approaching Brock Crags we regained our view down into Patterdale.

Here the Kirkstone Pass road climbs past Brothers Water and up to the left of Red Screes and Middle Dodd.

All manner of clouds, from grey to fluffy white, with patches of blue sky allowing streaks of sunshine to illuminate the fells.

Hartsop above How, with Helvellyn, Catstye Cam (in sunshine) and the northern Dodds.


Brock Crags summit, the furthest extent of our walk and our first "Wainwright" of the day.

By this time the SW wind was bitterly cold and we put on extra layers. Winter has certainly not quite finished with us yet!

Hayeswater, High Street, Grey Crag and Threshwaite Mouth, with Froswick beyond.

A dark panorama south from the summit due to the heavy cloud cover.

Lunar Landscape, except that this had more water.

We sheltered from the wind below the summit and enjoyed a quick snack and a drink before moving on.

Leaving Brock Crags, we saw a large herd of deer, a bonus over and above the beauty of the area. They were up and off just as soon as the dogs and ourselves appeared over the ridge even though we were more than a hundred yards away.

From here we circumnavigated the tarn heading for the twin summits of Angle Tarn Pikes


I always like the name Satura Crags, but technically this is the adjacent one called Buck Crag. The valley is Bannerdale with the slopes of the Nab on the right.

Come May 29th the Countryside Rights of Way Act comes into force and the Nab will be open for walkers - officially ! As Access Land the public will have the right to walk to the summit and there is even talk of a permitted footpath down the front to allow access to and from the valley. End of an era !

Climbing the Pikes we get another full view of Angle Tarn and its islands.

( spot the dog competition? )

Returning to Patterdale with the sun low over Helvellyn.


A delightful cottage called Wordsworth Cottage, in Rooking across the fields from Patterdale village.

From here we returned to Patterdale itself and, leaving the dogs to sleep in the car, we enjoyed an evening meal at the White Lion where they served a good meal on a huge plate. ( No wonder Lance recommended it ! )


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