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Time and place: Loweswater Easter 2004.

Occasion Our 25th Anniversary weekend.

Sunday at the cottage.

Monday walk to the Crummock Water.

Tuesday family lunch at the Kirkstile Pub.

Tuesday evening . . . party with friends.

" Hi - welcome to Oak Cottage - my Nana and Pop's house "

Young Thomas enjoying the garden and the new toadstool table.

Gareth, Richard, Cathy, Lisa, Elaine and Graham.

Jenna, Jamie and Ann entertaining or being entertained by the dogs.


Easter Sunday Egg Hunt in the garden

Paula giving Thomas a helping hand so he doesn't get left behind in the "chocolate race".

Garden games - swing ball and golf -

and "move the boulder" shortly to become a seat at the bottom of the garden.

A surprise anniversary present from the family - Wooden Puffins - for the garden.

It's a long story - let me tell you about it sometime !

Puffins courtesy of the Derwent Bay Bear Company.


Possibly the first ever Hovercraft on Crummock Water.

Gareth brought something to entertain the grandchildren - but he had to test it first himself !


Tuesday Lunchtime - a grand lunch at the Kirkstile for family and friends.

(left to right) Jim, Anne, Andrew, myself, Jill (Bridesmaid) Ann, Michael (Best Man 25 yrs ago)

Richard and Cathy, Pat and Mike, Paula and Al, Jenna and Thomas behind the chair.


Claire, Lisa, James and John's table.

Jackie, Gill and Sandra.

The Cantelo lads - Sam, Matthew and Jack.

Back at the cottage - cake and Champagne.

and a very short after dinner speech.


An afternoon stroll to the beach, with Holly in racing mood.


In the evening - a general invite to others both locally and from away

whom we could not include in the lunchtime party.

Johnny, Chris, John, Derek and Margaret

no doubt discussing the many recent events of the valley.

Ann with Johnny Vickers, one of our local farmers.


Elizabeth, James with Maisie and Zack, and myself.

Harry looking a little tired at the end of the evening.


A walk next day to the boathouse on Crummock

A cooler day with a slight breeze.

But not so cold that you couldn't stop for a while and soak in the view.


Technical note: Pictures taken with a Canon IXUS 400 Digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed . . . with the Loweswater Puffins.

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