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Time and place : Born in Harrington, West Cumbria, on13th January 2004, a golden retriever puppy.

Occasion : The patter of four tiny feet in Loweswater

Walk details : Just round the garden for now.

Weather : Warm and sunny spring days, with occasional wet patches !

May we introduce: Harrington, or Harry for short.


The first afternoon in his new surroundings

A slight trick of the lens - the big dog is the one further away.

Holly trying to ignore this rather bouncy new arrival.

" Dog . . . .what dog ? . . . I see no dog "

You mean I've got to sleep here tonight ?

Not the same as my previous place.

Day two - a new toy, an open door and lots of sunshine . . .


Holly slowly beginning to realise that this thing is here to stay !

Still can't quite make out what it is though.


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