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Time and place : 28th Jan 2004 Rannerdale

Occasion : An winter afternoon walk with Ann and the dogs, starting at 3.45 pm.

Walk details : Trust car park, Buttermere to Rannerdale Knotts northern summit and return.

2.6 miles. 1050 feet of ascent. 1.5 hours.

Weather : An hour or so of sunshine after an indifferent winters day of occasional snow and temperatures at or below freezing.

Hawes Point below Rannerdale Knotts on the way up the Buttermere valley.

The sun is low in the sky at this time of year and the valley is more often than not in shadow.

The top end of the valley with Haystacks and Gable beyond



The view from half way up . . . click here or on the pictures for the complete panorama

Green and Great Gable at the head of the valley.

From the end of Rannerdale Knotts and the narrowest point of the lake between Hawes Point and Ling Crags.

The valley looks colder and more darker due to the sun setting behind a cloud.

One of those surreal moments when you turn around and the last of the sun has cast a red glow across the hills

due to its brief appearance between the clouds and horizon opposite. (Click here for larger picture)

Ann sitting on the cairn with Grasmoor and Whiteless behind.

Homeward bound Ann, Holly and Layla.

Great Bourne and Floutern Pass across the lake.

Now without sun the valley gets set for a cold night.

The end.

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