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Time and place : Tuesday 13th Jan 2004 Causey Pike. Newlands Valley. Cumbria.

Occasion : A walk with Dave Newton, Ann and the dogs, starting at 11.15 am from Stoneycroft. 4.5 miles. 2057 ft of ascent. 4.5 hours incl lunch.

Walk details : Up the eastern end of Causey (Rowling End) and along the ridge descending via the Outerside and Barrow track.

Weather Forecast : Cloud base to 1500ft rising to 2500ft. Weather improving but with possible wintery showers. Cold and strong NW wind.

Stonycroft parking area, we met Dave who had come over from Fornside.


The (more or less) direct ascent of Rowling End, the outlier of Causey itself.

Behind is the Swinside pub, Derwent Water and Blencathra in a patch of sunshine.

Ann ahead of Dave as we make our way up the slope.

The forecast seems to be holding as sunny intervals spread across from the north west.

The Newlands Valley with Little Town hamlet.

Maiden Moor is clear but Dale Head with its top still in the cloud has a slight covering of snow.

The steep climb is over for now as we make the ridge.

From here we had a wider view of Dale Head, Hindscarth and Robinson.

Ahead of us was Causey Pike plus blue skies and a large patch of sun.

Holly first up as ever.

Final ascent . . . Why take the easy route

when you can scramble up the last of the crags onto the summit itself ?

Lunch time . . .Our patch off sun seems to have moved over to the distant Helvellyn range, leaving us with the need to find a sheltered spot on the ridge out of the cold and strong north westerly wind.

Click here or on picture above for full panorama

Extreme curvature of the earth ?

No the summit of Scar Crags . . . Sail behind hidden by low cloud.

Above the snow line but only just.

The dogs enjoyed the remaining traces in preference to a drink.

Wintery showers plus plus . . . a biting breeze carrying a sharp helping of hail stones.

The photo was taken whilst sheltering behind Ann, The dogs sheltered behind Dave. Well he's bigger !!

Notice the rather large erosion scar on the path up Sail.

Due to the weather, the time, and our need to get back to enjoy afternoon tea at the cottage we left Sail for another day and headed left and down the northern side of Scar Crags on this narrow traversing path. The cloud rising and falling every other minute giving us delightful brief views of the surrounding fells.

On the hillside opposite is Force Crag Mine - now owned by the National Trust.

The contractors have finished their remedial work so maybe the Trust will be offering visits soon ?

The route down the miner's track below Outerside and Barrow and back to the car.

Last years fire on Barrow must have been quite deep seated as there is little greenery on the slopes even now.

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Technical note: Pictures taken with a Canon IXUS 400 Digital camera.

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