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Time and place : Wednesday 5th Nov 2003.

Occasion : Ann's afternoon walk with the dogs.

Walk details : A 2.5 mile local walk to the lake to catch the Autumn colours.

Weather : Sunny and warm, but with a strong breeze down by the lake.


Up the lane from the cottage - Melbreak forms the backdrop, with Hen Comb to the right.

Whiteside and Grasmoor above Gillerthwaite

Having turned at Wainwright 's 'negative signpost', this is the view across the field to our cottage.

Lanthwaite Woods still retain its glorious Autumn colour despite recent heavy winds.


The waves rushing in to the beach with Rannerdale in the centre background - Whiteless Pike and Robinson on the left and Haystacks in front of Green and Great Gable to the right. It was too blustery to sit here today, so we moved on. ......


Layla waiting for me on the path to the pumphouse.

Getting throughly soaked by the spray !!

I had to make a run for it too !!

The outfall - the water runs into the River Cocker.

Looking towards the boathouse.

Across the lake into the setting sun between Melbreak and Hen Comb.

I met a little girl called Jasmine walking with her Dad on the way back home through Lanthwaite Woods.


Out of the woods and into Scale Hill carpark - spot the fisherman in the Cocker !


Back at the cottage - we still have some lovely colour in our garden. This shot is from the roadside fence, looking down the valley towards the Gables and the High Stile ridge.

A final shot from the garden - the setting sun on Grasmoor.


Technical note: Pictures taken with a Canon IXUS 400 Digital camera.

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