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Date : 3rd June 2003

Place : Newlands Pass, Cumbria, Uk.

Event : Ann - A walk along Knott Rigg with our dogs.

Distance and time : 2.1 miles, About and hour and a quarter.

Weather : Overcast but warm. Breezy at times.

Parking at Newlands Hause, the dogs and I took the ridge path up Knott Rigg, towards Ard Crags.

Moss Force waterfall is in the background

Views of Whiteless Breast and Pike to my left.

Close up of Wandope and Eel Crag from further up the ridge.

Causey Pike is the distinctive peak in the centre of this photo

with a glimpse of distant Derwentwater and Blencathra in the distance.

Dramatic slopes of Wandope and Sail, with Addacomb Hole partly hidden from view.

Hazy views of the Dodds and Helvelyn ridge in the distance.

Catbells and High Crags are clearer in the foreground.

It was quite breezy at times on the ridge - Layla's fur is billowing, even if her tongue is not!

Happy dogs with Red Pike and High Style in the background.

On the way down with High Snockrigg on the opposite side.

I was disturbed to see this 'rock painting' on my route.

Hope it doesn't become a trend and that the next heavy rainfall will wash it away.

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