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Date : Wednesday 29th May 2003

Place : Scale Force, Buttermere, Cumbria

Event : A Voluntary Warden Guided Walk from the village.

Distance and time : A 3 hour ramble, 4 miles but with lots of chat !!

Weather : Cloudy to start, but turning fine but quite humid.

Today I joined the National Park Voluntary Warden Guided Walk from the Fish in Buttermere to Scale Force Waterfall. It was led by two wardens, with us trainees in tow, and nineteen members of the public.

This is one of the old Hawthorns on the slopes above Crummock Water.


Scale force Bridge

The waterfall has the highest single drop of any in the Lakes,

but the base of the falls is deep and almost inaccessible, in a cleft in the hillside.

With the recent rain, the falls are in good flow today.

Old dwellings dating back centuries on the low ground below Ling Crags.

This area used to be strip cultivation here until the sometime in the 1800's.

The Hawthorn in bloom as we walk back.

Calm water but overcast sky, an old tree by the lake.


Stop Press : Afternoon visitors to the cottage. . . .

Liz (Lemal) and Barry arrived mid afternoon, having just completed Liz's 214 by climbing Mellbreak today.

Hot, humid conditions meant long cool drinks, but there was no getting away from her pleasure at completing the Wainwrights. To mark the event, she received a small engraved pendant from Barry. (romantic or what !!!) Well done Liz.


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