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The Cottage, and  the view up the Buttermere Valley
Oak Cottage, Loweswater.





Date : Saturday Feb. 14th 2003

Place : Wasdale, Cumbria.

Event : A walk with Ann, Hilton and Hannah, and Dave.

Weather : A frosty start, then blue skies and sun all the way. An occasional cool breeze.

A frost start from the cottage. A car-full with five people, three dogs, and all our kit.

Had to stop for this one - beautiful reflections over Loweswater.

Wasdale, as beautiful as ever. Yewbarrow is the peak on the left. Gable ahead, and the Scafells centre right.

The dark shaddow to the right is Illgill head (Wasdale Screes).


Parking at Overbeck Bridge, we climbed rapidly up the fence line towards Yewbarrow, with great views of Wast Water and the Screes behind us. The path avoids the crags on the end of the fell, and gains the ridge further up.

The Screes in deep shadow at this time of the day. This shot from Great Door when we first made the ridge.

The more usual photo from Great Door. Ann and Holly with The Scafells in the background.

The summit of Yewbarrow, a drink for the dogs, and chance to view Gable and Kirk Fell behind.

The descent to Dore Head at the northern end of Yewbarrow is occasionally a more of a "scramble" than a walk.

Care should certainly be exercised by people, but the dogs with shorter legs, needed more than normal help

to get down some the steeper sections.

Looking back after lunch, the complete Scafell group could be seen in the distance.

Question : Why is it that Scafell always looks that little bit higher than the Pike ??

Above the "snow line" now, and chance to practice kicking steps in the ice left after last week's snow.

Red Pike Summit with the remains of what must have been rather dramatic cornices on its eastern side . . .

From the top we looked over Haycock and Scoat Fell (Steeple) towards the Solway.

A slight haze especially to the west, gave us rather fine views of The Isle of Man as it rose out of its misty shroud.

Looking south, as we descended to Low Tarn.

Both Scoat Tarn and Low Tarn we covered in an ice after the recent cold spell.

5 pm now, and the low evening sun giving dramatic shape and form to the Screes.

As we reached the car, the sun was setting fast, and the full moon

could be seen rising over Lingmell.

- - - o o o - - -

(Technical : Photos taken on a Panasonic NV-DS55 Video using the Stills function onto memory card.

The final picture was recorded as video onto tape and transposed to a still photo later.)

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