Oak Cottage - Loweswater

Retreat to the quiet of the Western Lakes

The Cottage, and  the view up the Buttermere Valley
Oak Cottage, Loweswater.





Week Four . . . .

This weekend saw the demise of the last clean area of carpet, as the electricians attacked the bedroom.

Outside, it was time to make preparations for a poor Sunday weather forcast.

( The brown pipe is the water off the new roof gulley.)


Time to panic . . .10.30 pm Sunday . . . new kitchen arrives in twelve hours . . . Will it ever get clean ???


Plumbing is done, electrics in place, meter ready, plastering done, floor clean(ish) !!!

Time for be said Zebidee.

Monday . . . . another early start with the prospect of a new kitchen . . .
Bit like changing rooms, or Anika Rice ( for those old enough to remember her TV programme)


Meanwhile the workers, worked away.

Richard and Peter fitting the Lobby banister and stairs to the bedroom, amongst other things.


Saturday was a clearing up day


And my assistant, who arrived for the weekend, commissioned her kitchen.


A good week's work.

End of Week Four

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